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CIVIL ENGINEER Civil & Public Works Constructor


Vision & Aims

Our company constructs and completes fully Public Works ( structures - plants - road construction) as well as Private Works, the majority of which are individual and complex residences, business building, banks etc, in all of Greece, but with the main staging area in Attica and Cyclades island area.

Public Works are being awarded to the company after winning the respective contract from the State Competition. Private Works are separated into two categories. In the case of a prospective customer (physical person or company) a triple service is provided (Study - Supervise - Construction). In the case of Works pursued by the company itself, the company undertakes the construction of independent vertical and horizontal building with the final goal of selling the finished building (REAL ESTATE).

This is accomplished by the following means:

  • By buying the property in question with company assets

  • By signing a Private Construction Contract with the owner of the property. The contract states that the owner agrees to exchange his/her property with a number of apartments or individual residences of equal value, which will be build with company assets in the above property.

In both the above cases, our company designs the necessary studies according with present urban design laws in order to gain the necessary permit for the upcoming buildings.



Sample Buildings